Learn about Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS)

A highly-effective, non-surgical way to treat chronic back, leg, foot, and arm pain that fails to respond to other treatments.

Non-surgical, fast recovery
Works when other treatments fail
Targeted pain relief
how it works

What happens during Spinal Cord Stimulation

A small incision is made on the lower back

A tiny device called a pulse generator, similar to a pacemaker but smaller, is inserted just below the skin. Pulse generators are the size of a silver dollar.

Electrodes are placed beneath the skin near the spinal nerves

The electrodes carry impulses from the pulse generator to the spinal nerves to interfere with pain signaling. No incisions are required to insert electrodes.

Pain signals are stopped before entering the spinal cord, eliminating symptoms

50-70% of patients experience significant reduction in their chronic intractable pain. Pain relief is usually immediate. [source]

Did you know?

Eighty-four percent (84%) of patients are satisfied with their implant after one year. [source]

Who is it for?

Spinal cord stimulation works best for

Chronic back and limb pain

Chronic pain after back surgery (Failed Back Surgery Syndrome), radiating pain down the arms or legs (sciatica), or chronic back pain that has not resolved with physical therapy, medications, or injections.

Diabetic neuropathy

Foot pain, burning, or tingling related to peripheral neuropathy or phantom limb syndrome.

Other chronic pain syndromes

Pain related to Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) and shingles.


Benefits & considerations

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Benefits 👍
Effective when other treatments fail
Minimal complication risk
Excellent for sciatic nerve pain
Trial before committing
Increased odds of reducing pain by 50%-70%
Higher prevalence of patients returning to work
Non-surgical, home within hours
Removable if unsatisfied with results
Covered by most insurers
Treats painful peripheral neuropathy
Considerations 🤔
7-14 day recovery period
Doesn't work for everyone
Not covered by all Medicaid plans
Stimulator sometimes requires fine-tuning
Small risk for bleeding & infection

Hear what real patients are saying

92% of patients state they would have SCS done again for the same result (3)

When I went to Helped, the process was so fast and so easy to talk to them on the phone. The fact that they got me in so fast was truly amazing, but they also got me with the BEST doctors.

Sharon S.
Denver, CO

I went ahead and pulled the trigger 10 years ago and had the implant [SCS] done....It still works today as it did when they installed it ten years ago; I still get relief.

Larry K.
Arizona, USA

Have mine [SCS] for 6 years, a great help; don't know what I would do without it.

Audrey S.

It is a wonderful way to live with my back pain gone. I would recommend trying this [SCS] for anyone that has chronic pain.

Christie H.

I love my stimulator. My pain is managed well.

Bob M.

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Here are some commonly asked questions.

Is spinal cord stimulation safe?
Is spinal cord stimulation safe?
I've tried everything else. Why should I try this?
I've tried everything else. Why should I try this?
Will I be totally pain-free?
Will I be totally pain-free?
Will the stimulator be visible under my skin?
Will the stimulator be visible under my skin?
Will SCS allow me to be free of pain medications?
Will SCS allow me to be free of pain medications?
Are there any restrictions after the procedure?
Are there any restrictions after the procedure?
Will I feel the stimulation?
Will I feel the stimulation?
Is it covered by insurance?
Is it covered by insurance?
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